Navratri 2022: Why is Navratri Celebrated For 9 Days? Here’s What You Should Know

Navratri 2022: The significance of Navratri - Why do we pray for nine days during this auspicious festival?

Published: September 23, 2022 6:40 PM IST

By Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Onam Gupta

Navratri 2022

Only a few days are left for the Navratri – the nine nights of Goddess. All are super excited to welcome the Goddess into their homes. Navratri is celebrated to honour the Goddess Durga, also known as Shakti – the supreme Goddess. This year Navratri is going to start on Sept 26, 2022, and will end on Oct 5, 2022. During these nine nights, devotees worship the different forms of Goddess Durga. On the tenth day, Vijayadashami, the celebration comes to an end.

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All might be aware that Goddess Durga slew Mahishasura after 9 days of a fierce battle. But some may not know the whole story associated with these nine days of Navratri and why Navratri is celebrated for 9 days. Right? Hence to help you out, Astrologer Kalpesh Shah, founder and CEO of MyPandit have shared the reason behind celebrating Navratri for 9 days in detail. Let’s have a look at it:


During the festival of Navratri, Hindus celebrate the goddess Durga’s victory over the evil Mahishasura. It is said that Lord Brahma, who is the most powerful God, had bestowed Mahishasura the gift of immortality, ensuring that he would never die. Nevertheless, this boon has one condition the one who would be able to defeat Mahishasura would be a woman. Mahishasura accepted the gift happily as he didn’t believe any woman could kill him. However, after passing some years, no deity was able to stop Mahishasura and his followers from attacking humanity on Earth as they became stronger over time.

After seeing this situation, the three most powerful Hindu gods—Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva decided to unite and create the goddess Durga, who will be powerful and strong enough to defeat Mahishasura. To defeat Mahishasura, the gods gave lots of weapons to the Goddess Durga before going for the battle.

The demon fought with Goddess Durga for ten days. These ten days were really difficult for Goddess Durga. During these days, Mahishasura constantly changed his form to mislead the goddess Durga. But when he at last transformed into a buffalo, Goddess Durga was able to win over him. Hence, this way, Goddess Durga defeated Mahishasura and got victory over the demons.

During these nine days of Navratri, some devotees also observe fast. There is a lot of dancing that is Garba done during the festivities as well! Some people also do Dandiya Raas during Navratri. From elders to youngsters, all enjoy these nine days of Navratri with full joy and excitement.

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Published Date: September 23, 2022 6:40 PM IST